Hobie 17 Sport Rigging Instructions

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[edit] Hobie 17. This boat was available in two 'trim packages': the Sport has a jib and a small boomlett sail closer to straight upwind than many other Sloop-rigged catamarans.

SE Rigging.

The Hobie Kayak Rigging Kit is a set of fasteners for rigging a kayak for fishing accessories. A custom selection of hardware...

Now you can sail high and dry on the HOBIE CAT 17 SPORT. This sporty catamaran was designed to be simple to sail, with performance characteristics to for Safety and High Wind.

Hobie 14/16 Mast step link kit instructions (pdf 42KB) HOBIE 17 / 17 SPORT. pdf 896 KB) Rigging Video Part 1 of 2.

Hobie 14/16 Mast step link kit instructions (pdf 42KB) HOBIE 17 / 17 SPORT. Rudder.

With Hobie Cat Sport you don't just get a boat, you get shown how to rig it best and how to handle it launching and recovering it from the water. We go through the entire boat with you so you know exactly what you are getting.

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To “lock” the main sail at the top, it is necessary to pull de-rigging sails and lines, keep fasteners and shackles...

all your rigging instructions, go to my previous answers and look on Page 7 near the top for how do I set up my windsurfer .

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Hobie is a well-known producer of water sport products. Popular Hobie products include catamarans, fishing boats and kayaks. Instructions for a Hobie Cat 16.

Catamaran Racing (40 minutes) Hobie Cat Factory Rigging Videos (14, 16, 17, 21 sport) Rick White’s Video Sailing Series (a collection of 5 videos, 36-40 minutes each) Websites International Hobie Class Association (IHCA) Information on the Hobie...

The boat's clean design, boomless rig and responsive handling makes this the perfect recreational boat for the whole family. System. Jib. Hobie Cat 17 Sport.

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HOBIE CAT 3.5 WIRE RIGGING SET WHITE Complete standing rigging wire set - White vinyl coated wires. horsepower! Improves light wind performance to weather and under all conditions off...